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Giới Thiệu Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a pioneer enterprise in the field of providing medical equipment and home health care equipment. As the exclusive distributor of Physiotherapy Machine products of Military Institute of Science – Technology – Ministry of Defense.

Formed in March 2007, after more than 10 years of development and growth, Vietnam Joint Stock Company has always researched and drawn on experience to affirm the Vietnam brand throughout. all parts of the country and reach the international level.

With a system of facilities, complete and modern equipment, the Board of Directors of the company has “Mind” and “Talent”, and a team of staff working with the motto “Unity, Energy”. Dynamic, Creative, Enthusiastic and Professional”. All production and business activities take people as the center of development, focus on training in the direction of standardization with the idea of Mindfulness – Cultivation – Cultivation as the core value, building a life together. live a peaceful and happy life for the community. Vietnam Joint Stock Company is committed to always bringing the best values to our customers who accompany us.